How to Ship Frozen Breast Milk


Looking to ship frozen breast milk?  Milk Expressed doesn't offer a frozen breast milk shipping service, but here are some tips to help you: 


Photo by chorboon_photo/iStock / Getty Images


Buy Dry Ice Locally

To ship frozen breast milk, you should use dry ice.  Google "dry ice" and your location to find the nearest dry ice merchant.  If you have questions on how much to buy, how long it will last, and what type of shipping service you need to purchase (overnight, two-day, etc.) the dry ice merchant is the best place to ask those questions.

Use a Styrofoam Cooler to ship

The best way to ship frozen breast milk is in a styrofoam cooler that will protect and insulate the milk.  You can reuse a cooler you have left over from a frozen food delivery or purchase a new cooler.  We especially like Uline's Insulated Shipping Boxes – they come with a cardboard shipping box around the styrofoam container to make shipping even easier.




We recommend using FedEx or UPS to ship your milk offer superior package – US Post Office tracking isn't reliable enough to recommend for breast milk. 

Make sure to check with your local FedEx or UPS store to make sure they accept dry ice.  You can check to see if locations offer "Dangerous Goods Shipping".