Pumping and traveling can be a stressful combination. 
We know, we’ve been there!  And we’re here to help. 

Milk Expressed® makes it easier to travel by sending daily milk deliveries back to your baby.  Don’t pump and dump – let us take care of the logistics so you can focus on your trip.  Milk Expressed is the only breast milk shipping service that will even call your hotel to help you figure out how to ship your milk back home.

  • Skip Breastmilk Stockpiling:  With daily deliveries of milk back home, you don’t need a freezer full of breast milk to take a trip

  • Nothing to Carry:  Everything you need to ship back your breast milk to your baby is waiting for you when you arrive

  • No Freezing On the Road:  No need to track down a freezer as you travel, just refrigerate and send back your milk the next day

  • Milk Stays Fresh:  Milk stays cold during shipping and arrives home in time to freeze or feed it directly to baby

  • Less Stress:  No need to figure out all the details yourself – our easy-to-follow instructions make it easy to send back milk

  • Quick Prep:  It only takes a few minutes to prep and drop off yesterday’s milk at the hotel front desk

  • Reliable Delivery:  Track FedEx delivery with real-time email updates


"Milk Expressed is exactly the type of service working moms need --
a convenient and reliable way ship milk home."

- Milk Expressed Mom
Advertising Manager, Boston


 How Milk Expressed Works:


1.  Share your travel details when you order


2.  Shipping containers and packing materials are waiting for you when you arrive at your destination


3.  Quickly pack & drop off the previous day’s milk at the hotel front desk in the morning


4.  FedEx ships milk back home to baby and we send you delivery alerts


5.  Use, refrigerate or freeze the milk when it gets home


Click here to preview the instructions that come with your Milk Expressed shipping materials.


"Milk Expressed is an excellent service. My package arrived at my hotel in advance, clear instructions, easy use. Definitely made my travel more manageable. My milk arrived
home in <24 hours and was more than adequately chilled. Dad and baby were pleased. Communication was excellent. Would highly recommend for nursing moms who travel
and prioritize their milk over formula." 

- Milk Expressed Mom
Doctor, Boston



Milk Expressed uses temperature-controlled shipping technology to keep your breast milk cold during shipping without dealing with hazardous dry ice or unreliable ice packs:

  • Ready to Go When You Are:  NanoCool’s patented cool pack activates at the touch of a button

  • Stays Cold During Delivery:  NanoCool boxes keep contents cold for up to 48 hours (premium overnight delivery) or 72 hours (standard 2-day delivery)

  • Trusted by Hospitals and Labs:  NanoCool cooling units are trusted to ship lab samples, tissue samples, and temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals

  • Endorsed by FedEx:  FedEx even recommends NanoCool boxes for cold shipping – the boxes passed their rigorous transportation testing requirements "with flying colors"

  • Award-Winning Technology:  NanoCool boxes were awarded the 2006 Medical Design Excellence Award


"I thought the shipping kit was super cool -- great, efficient technology.
Compact packaging and stayed cool for days."

- Milk Expressed Mom
Doctor, Boston


How to Prepare For Your Trip

  • Look for an email from Milk Expressed with information on the breast milk shipment drop off policy at your hotel or accommodation.
  • Call your hotel to make sure you have a fridge in your room.  Nearly all hotels have fridges available if needed for medical purposes.
  • Pack your favorite travel pump and milk cooler bag. 
  • Bring your favorite pen or marker to mark your breast milk bags.
  • We provide you with 5 NUK milk storage bags with each shipment, but if you’d like to bring your own instead pack 5 per shipment.
  • Don’t forget your pump cleaning supplies!
  • We recommend bringing an extra Ziploc bag to store your pump parts.
  • If you are traveling through a TSA security checkpoint, make sure any gel ice packs are completely frozen, especially if you don't have any pumped breast milk with you yet.  Better yet, use foam "ice" packs to avoid any hassle.


"The shipping kits came with really straightforward instructions.
Loved the NanoCool ice pack (and that it did not require any advance prep)!"

- Milk Expressed Mom
Consultant, Boston