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Can I Arrange a Pick-Up on a Saturday?

In select areas.  Weekday pick-up is available in all locations, but Saturday pick-up is available only in select areas serviced by FedEx and UPS.  Mom will likely have to drop off a shipping kit at a UPS or FedEx location.  

Please note that FedEx and UPS do not deliver on Sunday, so any shipment kit sent out on a Saturday will arrive Monday. 

Contact CustomerService@milkexpressed.com with any questions about your location and we'd be happy to help.

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Can I Arrange Breast Milk Delivery on a Sunday?

No.  FedEx and UPS do not deliver in most areas on Sunday. Shipments sent on Saturday will deliver on Monday.

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Can I Use Milk Expressed for International Trips?

Milk Expressed offers the Freeze & Check International Travel Kit for international trips.

We do not offer breast milk shipping kits for international trips.  There is too much risk that a breast milk shipment can get stuck at Customs (up to 10% of all shipments can get stuck at Customs, often for over 5 days!), so Milk Expressed breast milk shipping kits are only available for purchase and use within the United States.  We do not offer breast milk shipping to US territories.

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Can I Use Milk Expressed if I'm Staying at a House or Apartment instead of a Hotel?

Absolutely!  There are two ways you can use Milk Expressed if you are staying at a house or apartment on your next trip.

Drop The Shipment Kit at a FedEx or UPS Store Yourself:  If you are staying at a house or apartment, you can drop off your arrange a UPS or FedEx drop off at the nearest location. 

Have Milk Expressed Arrange a FedEx or UPS Pick-Up At Your Location: For $10/day, we can help arrange a residential UPS or FedEx pickup at your location.  Add this service onto your order here: https://www.milkexpressed.com/buy/residential-delivery.

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What Happens If I Send Home Frozen Breast Milk with Milk Expressed?

Milk Expressed’s refrigerated boxes keep breast milk at 41°F while it ships home.  If you send back frozen breast milk it will begin to thaw in the refrigerated box as it would in a fridge.  Once it has thawed you can feed it to baby.  Do not refreeze breast milk.

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Will My Breast Milk Freeze When It Ships Home During Winter?

It is unlikely that your milk will freeze as it ships back to baby.  Milk Expressed’s refrigerated boxes will keep milk insulated and are designed to regulate temperature at 41°F.  If it is so cold that your milk does freeze during shipping, thaw it out and feed it to baby. 
Do not refreeze breast milk.

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How Does the NanoCool Cooling Unit Work?

The NanoCool cooling unit uses evaporative cooling that has 7x the cooling power of ice.

There are no gel packs required.  There’s no need to refrigerate or freeze anything before use.  Once it’s activated, the cooling unit continuously evaporates small quantities of water at low pressure over days of operation. The water flow can even respond to ambient temperatures to protect your breast milk from external temperatures fluctuations during shipping.

NanoCool cooling units are trusted to ship lab samples, tissue samples, and temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals.

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What Happens If I Miss the FedEx or UPS Pick-Up at My Hotel?

Milk Expressed emails each customized Mom drop-off directions and Mom is responsible for dropping off breast milk in time for the FedEx or UPS pick-up at her location. 

If you miss your FedEx or UPS pick-up, contact CustomerService@milkexpressed.com or find a FedEx or UPS location near your location that is still able to receive FedEx Express or UPS Next Day packages. 

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What Happens If My Milk Spoils During Shipping?

We arrange overnight shipments so that your milk gets home quickly and can be used, refrigerated or frozen in accordance with breast milk storage guidelines (see the CDC’s guidance at https://www.cdc.gov/breastfeeding/recommendations/handling_breastmilk.htm).

If your milk spoils during the trip, do not feed it to baby.  Please take a photo of the white side of your cooling unit and Contact Us.

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How Do I Dispose of the Milk Expressed Packaging?

  • If your company offers Milk Expressed, you can dispose of the packaging yourself or check with your HR department to see if you can return the cardboard shipping box and styrofoam tray to HR for recycling and disposal.
  • The cardboard shipping box can be recycled. The NanoCool cooling unit and styrofoam are made of benign materials and are safe for the trash.

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What is the Milk Expressed Refund Policy?

Our Refund Policy is available here.

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