5 Ways to Find More Time as a Working Nursing Mom

There's no doubt about it, going back to work while nursing an infant is stressful.  Not only are you waking up to nurse overnight, but you have to try to find nearly 8 hours a week to spend attached a breast pump!  Barring stealing a time turner from the wizarding world, how the heck are you supposed to manage all of this?  We've been there and we have some ideas that can help unlock new, pristine, unused hours each week. Cue up a nap, one more hour of quality work time, a date night, or maybe even a shower! 


  1. "The 4 Hour Workweek":  Find extra time in your week by reading "The 4 Hour Workweek".  This best seller provides insanely practical tips for freeing up time you never knew you had ... and it's a life saver to read it when you have to add in nursing to your schedule every 3 hours!  (Hint:  Ignore the bro tone and replace "travel" with sleep or time with kids and you'll get amazing tips.)
  2. Amazon Prime:  Access to everything.  Fast delivery.  Open 24/7 so you don't have to rely on memory, you can just order whatever you need whenever you remember.  Oh, and this includes during the 2am feeding session.  Genius.  If you haven't paid for a Prime membership yet just do it.  Oh, and make room for your new cardboard box collection.
  3. Amazon Echo:  Imagine being on your way out the door in the morning, baby carrier and work bag already in your arms, and remembering you ran out of coffee and diapers that morning.  Now imagine calling over your shoulder as you leave "Alexa, buy diapers size 1 and coffee" and just leaving.  Now that's what we call #winning.
  4. Grocery Delivery:  We don't care whether it's Instacart, Amazon Fresh, or your local grocery chain -- grocery delivery saves you and your family over an hour each week!  Set aside 30 minutes of planning (we recommend putting it on your work calendar during the day) and then watch the groceries arrive ... and it can get even faster if you save a list of your family's favorites to reorder.  Can't get over paying a delivery fee (my local chain has one and it bugs me every time)?  Just remember that you'd be likely to pick more expensive stuff in the store if you went -- especially with that nursing appetite!
  5. Cleaning & Lawn Services:  Even if you only use cleaning and lawn services for the baby years, invest.  Please.  Let's be honest -- you're juggling a career, nursing, a marriage, and your own needs.  You need to sleep when the baby sleeps, not mow the lawn yourself ... and Daddy needs to play on the floor with baby, not not clean the toilet himself.  If you're worried about setting a bad example, please remind yourself that the baby isn't yet forming lasting memories.


Kristy Catsouphes is the Founder & CEO of Milk Expressed.  https://www.milkexpressed.com.