Milk Expressed is a leader in offering breast milk shipping services.  

Started by a Mom to help other traveling Moms, Milk Expressed aims to help Moms stay on the leadership track after returning from maternity leave by making breast milk shipping services a common workplace maternity and wellness benefit. 

We are located outside of Boston in Concord, MA and work with employers in the US across all industries.


The Milk Expressed Story

A Message from the Milk Expressed Founder & CEO


My initiation into traveling as a nursing mom was eye opening.

It was a day trip from Boston to the New York suburbs.  It was the kind of meeting that had previously been somewhat routine, especially as a product manager preparing for a product launch.  It was important to me to be there to demo the product I’d spent more than a year managing!  And it was only a day trip, right? 

Except that it wasn’t an ordinary day trip.  Even after I had arranged all the child care details for my baby girl, my brain buzzed with endless adjustments to make my own trip work smoothly.  While my boss flew from Boston to New York to save himself time, I ignored his quizzical eyes and road tripped.  I pre-froze my stash of ice packs, borrowed a pump car charger from a mom coworker, and dug around for the Styrofoam cooler stashed in my basement.  I wore a baggy maternity leave-grade tee shirt over my pumping bra as I drove and then changed into my work clothes in a dingy fast food joint bathroom before meeting my team.  When I had to fuss with my pumping equipment, I pulled off into residential neighborhoods hoping that the trees hid me enough that no one would wonder too hard what a strange car from Massachusetts was doing on their street.  And since I was still sleep deprived from middle-of-the-night feedings, I forced myself to rock out to loud music as I drove the last hour in the middle of the night.  But it worked!  I was so relieved.  And beyond exhausted, both physically and mentally.

I continued to learn how to handle my travel schedule in new ways. I shortened trips to their bare minimum and tried to ignore the pangs of pity whenever I poured perfectly good breast milk down the drain in airplanes, airports and international hotels.  I identified my favorite portable milk cooler and learned that I liked traveling with a hand pump – and eventually ditched my large pumping bag when I was on the road.

But mostly I couldn’t stop thinking that there had to be an easier way.

So I started Milk Expressed.  I wanted to help other nursing Moms avoid the guilt of pumping and dumping while traveling.  I wanted to keep them from making yet another stressful to-do list.  I wanted to empower them to be kick-ass at work and take care of their baby’s needs at the same time.  And I wanted companies to actively support nursing Moms as they traveled.

Here's Wishing Moms Happier Travels,

Kristy Catsouphes
Founder & CEO



Kristy Catsouphes is the founder and CEO of Milk Expressed. 

Prior to starting Milk Expressed, Kristy worked on consumer products that help make family life more convenient.  In Boston, she worked in product management and marketing at iRobot and brand management at Gorton’s Seafood.  In the Bay Area, she worked in brand management at the Clorox Company and in digital marketing at a product development consortium.  She started her career as a television news producer with NBC News and MSNBC in New York City and Washington, D.C. 

Kristy has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a History degree from Princeton University. 

Kristy lives outside of Boston with her husband, 18-month-old daughter, and dog.  She loves coffee, big band music, singing and trying new adventures.